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Solo Cornet-Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams started playing at the age of 5 in the local school band which led her to play for the only all girls band in the country and still is, Trinity Girls Silver Band. By the age of 15 Debbie was principle cornet for a 3rd section band. Unfortunately at the age of 16 Debbie went to university and didn't have time to play so had 10 years off.


At 26 Debbie began playing again and soon got back in to the brass band world of concerts and contesting. She progressed back up the rank and soon became principal cornet for a first section (at the time) band Old Hall Brass, where they made the area finals and went on to the national finals at The Royal Albert Hall.


Debbie then moved to Longridge band based in Preston and moved on to soprano where in 2010 won northwest soprano of the year in champion section.


Debbie has the influences of being under the baton of many a great conductor, Trevor Halliwell, Dr Roy Newson, Mark Peacock, Richard Evens and many more.


Her favourite piece of music is "Vitae Aeternum" by Paul Lovett - cooper and favourite test piece is "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth”.


Favourite quotes " thems sharps not hashtags"


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