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Eb Bass-David Steele


David is a retired Company Director and spends his time shuttling between Spain and UK along with his wife Pat who also plays in Just Brass.


His long involvement with brass banding started with Templemore Avenue Primary School Band in Belfast and there, he experienced his first contest, on 3rd cornet, at the age of 9. A year later, the school band was awarded a First at the now prestigious Kerkrade Music Festival in Holland albeit in one of the lower sections.


As time went on, David moved via Tenor Horn to Baritone which became his brass band ‘instrument of choice’. As is often the case, contesting became a primary focus of the Templemore Band (as it was soon to be known) with sights on English contests, winning prizes at Belle Vue, Manchester viz Senior Cup, Grand Shield and the most coveted of all ‘the Open’. Contesting was interspersed with radio and television broadcasts.


David was also invited to join, on first Baritone, the NI Composite Band, the membership of which was drawn from the top bands in the area  

David’s work eventually took him and Pat to Woking in Surrey and after a long break from their joint hobby, they took up banding again with the local village (non-contesting) band. The band was short of basses so David relinquished the favoured baritone and took up EEb bass.


Involvement with Just Brass started in 2004 at that time under Gordon Higginbottom and with a diverse collection of brass instruments; it was so diverse that most of our music had to be arranged by the conductor. At present, we are in the happy position of being able to play ‘as published’ brass band music.


When in Spain, David and Pat live in the village of Bigastro and shortly after their arrival in Spain, they began playing with Union Musical de Bigastro and this association with UMB lasted for about ten years. However, such was the growing popularity of Just Brass that a choice had to be made between the two, and it was with some regret that they decided to leave UMB and devote all of their (musical) time in Spain to Just Brass.


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